Frazier Lake Airpark is a privately-owned, public-use airport hosting numerous classic antiques, homebuilts, and certified aircraft. Our 2500′ x 100′ turf runway supports most single engine aircraft. Frazier Lake Airpark is located 34.2 NM Southeast of San Jose, between the cities of Gilroy and Hollister.

Be advised that Frazier Lake Airpark has a grass and water runway.  Do not confuse the water runway for a paved runway and please do not land on the taxiway.

When flying into Frazier Lake Airpark, follow these simple rules:

  • Runway 23/5 is a turf runway and is subject to changing conditions.
  • Use at your own risk and be sure to check NOTAMS and Weather
  • The turf runway is typically closed Mondays for scheduled grass cutting
  • The turf runway is closed during wet conditions
  • Touch and go landings are not permitted
  • Night Operations not recommended

The information contained on this web page is for reference only and is subject to change. Please comply with FAR 91.103 and take the required preflight action.

Frazier Lake Airpark Information
Airport Identifier1C9
Airport UsePrivately owned, public use
City8 SM NW of Hollister CA
AWOS120.425 (KCVH 4NM SE)
AWOS Phone831-636-4394 (KCVH 4NM SE)
05/232500 x 100 feet Turf
05W/23W3000 x 60  feet WATER
Traffic PatternsAll Traffic Patterns NW

Frazier Lake Board Meetings

The 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm Wings of History Air Museum 12777 Murphy Ave San Martin CA 95046

Next Board Meeting:

Wednesday October 17, 2018 7:30pm

Frazier Lake Airpark