Display Days

The first Saturday of every month is antique aircraft display day at Frazier Lake Airpark and open to the public.  The gate will be open 10 AM to 3 PM.
  • Please use caution! Traffic (aircraft, cars, people) is higher than normal on display days
  • Visitor aircraft parking is south of the taxiway closest to the hangars – watch for signage
  • Watch for cars, bikes, pedestrians, children and dogs on the inner taxiway
  • Wing walk all departing aircraft from the parking areas
  • Caution! Check with your insurer or flight school, to review restrictions associated with landing on a turf runway
  • Runway 23/5 is a turf runway and is subject to changing conditions. Use at your own risk and check NOTAMS
  • Be advised that Frazier Lake Airpark has a grass and water runway.  Do not confuse the water runway for a paved runway.  Please do not land on the taxiway.
  • Guest vehicle parking is located north of the hangars via the dirt/gravel road – follow the signage
  • Drive carefully on airport property and obey the 15mph speed limit at all times
  • DO NOT drive on the airport taxiways (asphalt roads in front of hangars)
All Visitors
  • Aircraft always have the right-of-way
  • Caution! Spinning propellers are very difficult to see and extremely dangerous
  • Ensure everyone in your group stays together, especially children and/or pets
  • Please respect the property of others and ask before touching aircraft
  • Please read and abide by all posted signs
Frazier Lake Airpark Aerial View

Frazier Lake Airpark